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What kind of games Are available?


Submitted games:

  • Veins of the Earth (DIY Original Dungeons & Dragons) - You have been sent by your Patron into the deepest part of the Underworld to obtain a fabled artifact from the back of the obscure Civilipede, about whom little is said and less is known. Can you succeed in your task before your lights burn out, before madness takes hold, before you experience all 12 of the different types of Darkness...?
  • Bubble Gumshoe - Co-create a town and your group of inquisitive ( meddling?) teens! Think Nancy drew, hardy boys, Scooby-Doo, the Tackleford mystery children, etc.
  • Dogs in the Vineyard - Pride leads to sin. Sin leads to false doctrine. False doctrine leads to false priesthood. And false priesthood leads to hate and murder. As the dogs of The Faith, you intercede before this happens, with hot lead or holy words. Riding into town, you young men and women, barely adults, are proved, trained, educated, initiated, and inspired to carry out the King of Life's will before the demons get their way.
  • Let's be Pioneers! (Ryuutama) - You are on the journey that all people must make at least once in their lifetime to give back to the world dragon. Especially exciting, though - you're doing it in the New World! You will travel West during this adventure, meeting other pioneers, homesteaders, Natives, and meeting characters from American Folklore and helping them solve problems along the way. 
  • Nuclear Graystone (Dark) - March 17, 1961: Several hours ago an intelligence officer in Korea obtained information that leads us to believe that Soviet Union nuclear technology is either being sold or given to a foreign power. Your job is to obtain information that verifies the nature of this transaction and if possible stop it. If caught you will be considered rogue agents operating independently. You have less than 12 hours.
  • Gamma World (Chronica Mutanis Mundi (homebrew) - The world you live in was clearly once very different, long, long ago. The denizens of your village of Highvale refer to the people from before the change as the “ancients” and some of them collect the artifacts of their civilization. It is tempting to think that the must have been gods, when you compare what they had, or just the remaining evidence of what they had, to the meager subsistence your village experiences today. Armed with spears for the most part, your hunting parties go out foraging for food, only to encounter an incredibly savage wilderness. While the ancients had cities that floated in the air, and medicine that made them immortal. Perhaps fortunately, your people (humans, animals, and even some plants) have mutations that often help them to survive… or there would likely be no intelligent beings left in the Gamma World. What happened all those centuries ago that brought humanity so low? And how do we continue to survive in a world as dangerous as this? All questions for an intrepid few to answer.
  • Jagged (Monsterhearts (Best of Remix)) - This is the game of the messy lives of teenagers who are secretly monsters, literal and allegorical. It is a dark and often violent game and is my all-time favorite. The setting is Jagged, B.C., a small island town in the Pacific Northwest, where storms are always on the horizon and the forest hides something hungry.
  • With Great Power - Supers game more about how and why you succeed rather than whether you succeed. Collaboratively create the heroes, villain, and their plan, and then thwart them over several comic book issues. Pick fan faves and demand awesomeness of your fellow players (based on the system from Swords Without Master).
  • Annalise - Annalise is a game about making Vampire stories. The rules of the game guide you and your friends in telling a story revolving around sympathetic characters of your own creation. These characters are tied together by the malevolent creature, lurking in the shadows and biding it’s time. Why is it so attracted? What does it want? How will you stop it?
  • Kingdom - Play as members of a kingdom! Control the reactions, the outcomes, and watch it rise and fall in this game of asymmetric roles.
  • The Sword, The Crown, and The Unspeakable Power - Using the Powered by the Apocalypse system, SCUP focuses on power, intrigue, and shifting alliances in a dark fantasy setting. Inspired by political science-fiction and fantasy such as A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, The First Law by Joe Abercrombie, Imperial Radch by Ann Leckie, and the TV show Vikings, SCUP provides players with an immersive role-playing experience, where they can get their hands dirty in the bloody machinations of power. 
  • The 7—I mean 6—no, 5! Wonders of the Ancient World! (Four Colors al Fresco) - You’re sure there were at least 7, maybe 8 wonders of the ancient world yesterday, but now there are only 6. What dastardly villain has the capability and the will to steal or destroy the greatest monuments of the world, and what will they do next? Can you find and stop them before all of history is destroyed? Four Colors al Fresco is pulp-style superheroes in an alternate Renaissance. The system is narrative with strong player authorial input and minimal numbers.

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