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What kind of games Are available?


Submitted games:

  • The Bitter Springs Anthology (Dread) - Each session will be an installment in a fictitious horror movie franchise focused on the abandoned(?) swamp town of Bitter Springs. Horror movie tropes will be employed and encouraged, no prior experience with Dread is required.

  • GM-less Cocktail (Microscope/Archipelago/Kingdom) - Let's craft a story and dig in! I'm willing to facilitate a group that wants to use Microscope, Microscope Explorer, Kingdom, Archipelago, Follow, House of Reeds or some combination thereof to tell a story and explore it various facets of it. Maybe we start with an epic through Microscope and play out events in Kingdom or Archipelago. Maybe we explore the history of a haunted mansion with House of Reeds and the lineage of its owners with Microscope Explorer. The possibilities are endless and I'd love to organize a group that wants to pair those down into a legend we'll be thinking about long after this year's con is over.

  • Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears a Crown (Custom Blend) - Questlandia, The King Is Dead, For the Queen, and maybe also Kingdom) - We will play through a handful of GM-less indie RPGs that explore themes and stories about aspects of monarchy.

  • Fall of Magic - Magic is dying. A group of travelers in the company of the Magus journey to where magic was born in an effort to learn why. A GM-less game, Fall of Magic is played out on a beautiful hand-made scroll. A game well-suited for those that like to build fantasy worlds and enjoy roadtrip tropes of journeying to a destination while journeying to personal growth. (Kelley will just be setting up folks to play on their own, she's got a con to run)

  • The Sword, The Crown, And The Unspeakable Power - A PbtA dark fantasy role-playing game focused on power and intrigue, set in the sinking coastal city of Calla.

  • Blades in the Dark - BitD follows a group of daring scoundrels as they build a new criminal enterprise in the quite literally haunted streets of an industrial-fantasy city (think late 1800s London, but with canals and the occasional vampire). You start from nothing, and over the course of the longcon you'll build your gang to...a little more than nothing, hopefully. Be prepared for some system crunch, and a gritty, bloody, spooky good time. I've played the game in a several sessions long campaign, but have never run it, so we'll be figuring things out together.

  • By This Axe (DramaSystem) - The Great Orc Chieftain is dead! All hail the Great Orc Chieftain! With the death of The Great Orc Chieftain the various claimants vie for the throne in a struggle to define the future of the empire. After a century of conquest will the orcish empire finally content itself with reaping the rewards of ruling? And if so, is it perhaps time to change the old and stifling traditions to better enjoy the fruits of annexation? Or are the old ways best after all, and its time to fire up the war drums once again?

If you want to browse a list of games from past years, follow this link:

Games from Previous Years

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