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Minnesota Long Con is designed to allow for a compressed campaign play experience over a weekend.

You play the same game with the same table of players over three days, with 17 hours of scheduled session time. Minnloco also prepares and eats four meals together - two breakfasts, one lunch, and one dinner - to help foster a sense of community, to save on money, and to ensure that we all get a chance to meet one another and swap stories from our tables.

How do sign-ups work?

  • GM's can submit games up to three weeks before the con.

  • Attendees will then have fifteen days to fill out and submit a preference form, ranking the games in the order that they would like to play them.

  • The week before the con, organizers will collapse the games that didn't make the minimum player threshold, placing those players in their next choices.

  • A few days before the con starts, attendees will be notified of their final placement, and you will be looped into an email thread with the other members at your table. It's recommended you get to know them a little bit, because you will be gaming, socializing, and doing chores with these people!

Wait, did you say chores?

Yes, we did! GM's will submit a chore preference, then will be assigned a chore that they and the members of their table will be in charge of completing. This may be preparing or cleaning up after a meal, assisting with setup or tear down of the hall, or assisting with check in. Due to the nature of this con, it seemed best to have chores assigned to groups, so that gaming schedules can remain synchronized - preventing one person or another from being away from the table throughout the con.

If you have a disability preventing you from doing certain things, you can contact us or let your GM know, and we will work with you to accommodate your needs while making sure that you are still included in the Minnloco community! More about accessibility can be found here.

Money Money Money

Curious about what the con costs, and where the ticket money goes? Click here to see our balance sheet!